Resource Center: Umpire Web Sites

Umpire forums & discussion groups

  • Umpire-Empire: Ask the Umpire. An excellent forum for discussing rules and tricky situations.
  • ABUA Forums. Forums of the Amateur Baseball Umpires' Association (ABUA). Good quality, medium bluster, and, importantly, they have several forums that are divided by levels (NCAA, FED, Little League, etc.), and by interest (Mechanics, rules, etc.). They even have a section called "Newbies" where "stupid" questions are welcomed and flaming is prohibited.
  • Ask the Umpire. While not the busiest, this is one of the best. Moderated by two of the most knowledgeable baseball umpires out there. Low key and very little bluster.
  • HS Baseball Web: Ask the Umpire. A Q&A forum devoted to rules issues, but focused on high school (NFHS/FED).
  • Baseball Umpire Forum at Another highly reliable source for rules and mechanics discussions.


Equipment, gear, and clothing

These represent just a handful of the many sites that provide umpire gear and clothing.